Spring Mantle

Last week, I got busy on the mantle.  You know, I didn’t make too many changes because one, I was sick. And two, there were a million other things that ranked higher on the list than the mantle.

Making the living room a place where we spend more time as a family has been a priority.  It’s a big room with ginormous ceilings.  I think that’s what intimidates me about it.  What to do with those crazy high ceilings on a rockin’ what ya got budget.  It was painted a very bold color when we moved in.  Good thing I looovvvee green, because that is one room I will NOT be repainting. While I was pregnant with Littlest Man, I also got into the habit of going upstairs after dinner was all cleaned up, put the kiddos to  bed and settled in my room with a book or blog or something.  So my husband and I literally didn’t set foot in that room.  What a waste!

Anyways, back to the mantle.  I thought if I could make it say “spring” to me, then I would want to be in there more.  (Amazing how doing that and putting light bulbs in a lamp in the corner actually drew me into the room.  We’ve spent much more time in there while we’re at home over the last week and a half.)  That led me to shopping the house!  Not the mall girls, the house.  I grabbed this cool bird I got at Dollar Tree a few years ago (thanks to my sister in law) and spray painted the little thing.  I had to sharpie his eyes back on, he looked creepy without eyes.

After seeing something Melissa had done last spring at The Inspired Room, I knew I wanted to hunt for some white stuff.  I love white stuff.  This was a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel oh so long ago!  I love timeless stuff.  Perfect for a rockin’ what ya got kind of life.

Then Layla over at The Lettered Cottage got me to thinking I needed a few books up there.

Almost forgot the pussy willow branches.  I have loved these things since I was little.  My mom used to have some fake ones, (I guess they were fake?) and I can remember walking by every day and rubbing them.  They were on sale at Whole Foods for cheapie, cheapie.

The Believe pic is one of my favorites.  We got it 3 years ago at Hobby Lobby on sale with one of their 50% off coupons.  Ever since I did the Believing God Bible Study by Beth Moore 7 years ago, I like to keep that word in front of me.  And the humongous magnolia was something I bought (at Kirklands for 60% off—while do I still remember that?) before I got married for my first home.  It used to have a gold frame, but I spray painted it black a few years ago.  It gave it a second life because I just could not bring myself to part with it.  Every proper southern girl needs her a gigantic magnolia.

And there you have it.  Done anything special to your mantel lately?  Do share.

Please check out the “Spring Fling” Link Party at The Lettered Cottage.  My sister in law linked up too, check hers out and tell her I sent ya!   Happy spring y’all.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Mantle

  1. Awww – thanks for the link!

    Your mantel looks GREAT! Even just the molding of it is really pretty – can’t wait to see more of your house (maybe in person sometime too! :)

    Love your arrangement on your mantel – I remember that magnolia picture and wow, spray painting the frame really made the difference! And of course I LOVE the white container ;)

    And the bird, I didn’t even know you read my blog back then – LOL! :) Mine in my cage is from Dollar Tree but he is still cream. You make me want to spray paint him :)

    Looking great! and I like the green too.

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