Simplifying with Simple Mom—a little of this and a little of that

This week was pick your project over at Simple Mom’s declutterification project.  And, well, things were kind of crazy here.  My two littlest mites were sick for two weeks straight and we still aren’t quite back to our normal selves yet.  But, we still took a swing at a few little areas that needed an organized touch.  Ha!  Who am I kidding? Is there an area that doesn’t?  It seems the possibilities are endless over here at our house.

Take the laundry/my office space/school/craft storage room.  It serves many purposes and it is in a constant state of change.  We are in and out of that space daily taking things out and putting things in.  It needs a flow that is functional.  I did some rearranging, some purging and there, I think that’s better for now.  It could still use some tweaks, but I think we accomplished a good bit.  Things that we are using frequently such as batteries, an extension cord, cleaning cloths…they are kept close at hand.  I hate hate hate looking for stuff.  I feel like I waste too much time doing that.  I’m sure there’s a stat on how much of our life we spend looking for stuff….

And the craft/art shelf looks much better!

We keep extra supplies to be used in art for school at the top (egg cartons, paper plates, etc), then the stationary/cards shelf.  I still like to send handwritten notes and cards.  There’s just something about getting mail besides a bill once and a while!  Then,  glue/scissors, 50 bagillion different types of crayons—the necessities for little creative minds.  They’re all there in their little containers collected in the clearance sales at Target over the past four years or so. Next, are notebooks and art paper/construction paper/Crayola papers.  Finally, Mommy’s resources–teaching and Bible study.

That feels better.

I did not tackle my desk area.  Should I show the pic?  Nah!  Come on back soon and look in my Simplifying category.  I think I will try tackling that one this week.  We’ll see how it goes.

We also spruced up the garage too.  I did not get a before photo, so y’all just would not get the full effect of all the purging and hard work we did, but let me just tell you.  It’s better, and I’m not as embarrassed to open the door and let the kids go out and play.  It’s a work in progress.

We use this shelf for the boys’ outside play things.  We organized it and gave things a home so they can come out and get right to work play.

That’s it for this week.  Gonna head over to Simple Mom and link up.

Hope all of you had a productive March and have a more peaceful space that works for your family.  Come on back over and check out what April’s Simplifying looks like.  Oops, almost forgot!  Nothing new was bought in the simplifying projects here this month. We simply rocked what we had.  Would love to hear some of your project stories.

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