Puzzled on Keeping Your Kids Organized?

I saw this really cool idea during my link ups with Simple Mom’s Simplifying month of March on how to keep puzzles organized.  It inspired me to follow suit.  My kids love puzzles, but struggle with managing to keep up with the pieces.  And, those boxes they come in seem to be destined to fall apart immediately upon opening.

Plus, they take up so much room and you cannot make them neat to save your life.  See what I mean?

Until these nifty inventions…

I cut the picture off to place in the see through pocket.  And you got it!

Ahhh, neat puzzles.  Makes me smile.

They take up a lot less space, so they have room for their puzzle collection to grow.  I went a little nuts and even color coordinated  (it just sorta worked out that way, promise).

Hope this gives you an idea for your kiddos.  This is perfect for saving space at home, a take along activity or a great classroom idea as well.

Happy Simplifying!

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