Have A Plan


It’s 4:45.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.” —six year old

“Uh, Mom, I’m not trying to bother you or anything but I was just wondering….um what are we having for dinner?” —nine year old

“Mommy, I’m so hungry.  I’m going to die!” —just turned four year old

“Mu, Mu, Ahhhh! Mu, Mu, Ahhh!” —baby

And, this is the script of my life if those digits roll around on the clock and I am not ahead of the game.  And, the crazy thing is….it happens three times a day if I don’t have a plan.  That’s enough to push your sanity to unhealthy limits I’m thinking.

A meal plan is really something I’ve struggled with.  I have written them out before, but they always seem to turn out rather lofty.

Coq au vin.  Braised ribs, with cauliflower puree…..and on and on it goes.  Those are amazing dishes by the way, my pantry just isn’t always stocked that way.  In a perfect world…………Ok.  Focus.

Either, life happens and it doesn’t work out or I choose the wrong things…..I don’t know.  I think I overthink it and psych myself out.  Anybody? Pluueeassee tell me I’m not alone?!

So…..this time, I did it backwards.


You know, like those regressive dinners you went on…..?  Ok. Maybe you didn’t, but I did.  Where you start backwards and your friends’ parents host and you all crash the house and start with dessert at one house and end up with carrot sticks and crudite at another house….or something like that (maybe dorritos and oreos? We were teenagers.).

Anyways, I started with the empty meal plan on my fridge.  Then, day by day (consecutively by the way), I filled in what we ate for each meal.  At the end of the week, I have an entire successful week’s meal plan!  I was stoked people!  We did it.  We ate at home every meal for a solid week.  That is  a feat for this family.  You don’t understand my stock.  We have a genetic predisposition for eating out.  I know, it’s awful.


There are a lot of great options for meal plans out there.

These are a few of my favorite….

Kayse has done a great job with her home management system that not only gets your meal plans in order, but your whole house!  Click over there to check it out.  She has monthly planning and weekly planning options…whatever works best for you.
I also like The Project Girl.
Then, Ann Voskamp has a neat one.  The Day’s Dire, she calls it.  Love.
And finally there is Clean Mama.  Be still my soul.

I hope you’ll be encouraged to give a whack at organizing the meal hour in your family.  It really does make such a huge difference in the flow and tone of your home.  I promise.  I don’t tell you that just to have a  good blog post.

Here’s the cool thing that I found…..having the plan, even though I was filling it in as I went along, still kept things from getting crazy.  And, remarkably enough….it allowed for time and the creativity of the mind that comes when you aren’t pulling your hair out, to come up with things a bit more lofty…..like the pic at the top.

I wish you and yours a dinner hour that is peaceful and meaningful to you!  See you next time.


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