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Good Things to shareIn catching up on the inbox this morning, I found some good things.  That’s always a nice thing to find in the inbox right?  So I say to myself, “I need to share this with our readers.”  So I hope you enjoy these today.

Expectations That Were Never Yours To Meet


What to do to get your rhythm back


Willing Lisa Jo Baker

Next.  I’m throwin’ a lot your way today.  Hang onto your yoga pants!

My Five Minute Friday Community.  Love this place.  Amid the chaos and mess that is constantly life…I must take a moment to write with these people.  I must.

Also, Lisa Jo has a book coming for all you moms.  Surprised by Motherhood.  You don’t want to miss it.  It’s coming really soon! April 1st.

Today’s FMF Prompt: Willing.  And Go.

Am I willing?

Willing to give.  To sacrifice.  To swim upstream in a sea of fish swimming the other direction.

Willing to go there.  That unpopular place.  That uncomfortable place.

To go alone.  When no one gets it.

Willing to stay.  Through the gap between expectation and experience.

Willing to follow hard after God when my back aches and my feet feel like lead.

Willing to be slandered, hated and misunderstood.  Willing to be ostracized and cast out.

Am I willing to do whatever it takes to seek hard the kingdom of God and His righteousness?

Or will I settle?  For status quo.  For the easier road.

These questions loom in front of me every day, multiple times.

Willing.  My heart.  That’s the true determining factor in any situation.  Willing to have a heart after God’s heart.

Make me willing.  Make my heart long to follow hard after you in good times and bad.  In the gaps between my expectations and my actual experiences.

Make me willing again and again to go there with You.


Is there somewhere God wants you to be willing to go with Him?  Maybe not physically, but in your heart?  Maybe it’s next door with a plate of cookies?  Maybe it’s to church this Sunday?  Maybe it’s simple.  Maybe it’s huge.

Our willing looks like this right now.

-1It’s a new birth really.  Like a new member of the family.

It’s a church.  Sentral Church. 

God likes to take people long distances to bring them to just the right moment in Kingdom time to do His thing.  And He’s done just that with us.  He brought us a long way, he joined us up with people crazy in love with Him and crazy enough to listen to His plan.  The plan to make disciples in His name and teach others to do the same.  The plan to be in community sharing God’s love as His hands and feet.

It’s our Willing.  Our place we’re going with God.  You can be a part of it.  Right there, where you sit.  Click here to find out more.

Have an incredible week everyone!


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One thought on “Good Things To Start Your Week

  1. I enjoyed this and it was definitely a hard thing to write about bc there are so mnay things I ma not willing to do! It was an eye opener. I loved your status quo. Man, it is hard sometimes!

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