Phase 1 of The Purge


Instead of an this week’s upcycle, I thought I would update you on The Purge. (I feel like that needs some sort of sound effect or theme music behind it.  Even as I type, I hear one in my head!)

And Phase 1 of The Purge (there it is again), took place over the weekend.  A couple of Rockin’ What Ya Got readers joined us! Thank your sweet hearts.


It’s comin’ people.  It’s comin’ along. I’m excited.  We’ve still got a ways to go. So stay tuned.  Some very big space taker uppers went their way to someone who could use them more than us and for that I am very happy.

Our boys even got in on the fun….here’s a pic!


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The Summer of The Purge

Recently, I came across this gentleman….

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.27.04 AM

And his way of life.



Would I call my life minimal?

Yes for some.  No for others.

Not enough for me.

Enter, the summer of the purge.

You’re familiar with the Battle of the Bulge?  Yea, something like that.

And this time, we’re making some real headway.

Why, you ask?  What’s different?

Baby gear and clothes I’ve toted around for ten years can finally go.

Things we’ve been given I no longer feel obligated to hold onto.  Sorry.  It’s just not about the stuff.  I can cherish your memories without the baggage.  Literally.  At some point it becomes CRAZY.  95% of the things we have, we’ve been given by family.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful over and over for their generosity.  And now, I feel it would serve others better than it does me.  Because most days, I feel like I serve it.  The stuff.  It’s in the way.  It makes a mess.  It’s ALL TOO MUCH!!!!

No, I’m not becoming cold or unfeeling.  Just adamant about what rents space in my space.

So…garage sale anyone?  Not that you should make my stuff become your stuff.  Then, you’ll just have to go through this whole process.

I’ll keep you posted, yay even with pictures maybe if your heart can stand it…..

My minimal may not be your minimal.  It’s not a competition, just making the best use of our time and space.

Can’t wait to see what’s left (or what’s not) after the summer of The Purge.


Lego, Legos Everywhere!


My guys love Legos!  Anybody else?  They can create for hours.  And most of it…pretty impressive I must say.

That brings us to the storage issue.  I love for the creative process to be able to flow fairly unhindered.  I feel badly when they get X amount of time to play and half of it is eaten up in having to dump, search and then the enormous pick up process.

It also means if we’re going to be on a Lego building spree, that one or more of my rooms may look like this for a rather lengthy period of time.  That presents an issue having an 18 month old that has two missions in life—to dance and to put everything in his mouth!


I’ve been hashing out in my mind better ways to organize these little critters.  So far, I haven’t settled on a cost effective option that I really love.  Maybe you can help me!

Here are some options I’ve been snapping the last few months for ideas on better organization.


This nifty box.IMG_0871

And another one.


Container Store has some great options.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.53.50 PM

But, these prices don’t really fit the rockin’ what ya got mantra.  Plus, it’s really not the system I’m looking for to provide easy organized access for them.

I came across this one last year.


Jones Design Comapny

I love her color coding system, and that each boy gets a drawer of their own for special creations.

This is a work in progress.  I would love to hear what you do with legos.

Let’s hear it!  Soon.  Before my baby swallows an Ewok.



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