a little bit of this and that…

Wow!  I’ve missed you.  A lot going on around this house.  We went around the sick carousel ride again right after I wrote this post.  Then, our oldest had his Stanford Achievement Tests.  Sharpen up those number 2 pencils, and completely fill in those circles, please.



After that, we hit the zoo!

Love these little guys…

And of course the boys favorite…the slimy house.

Then on to another round of sickness…

An unexpected conference with my husband…

Where we sang a song written by these two amazing worship leaders.  I don’t talk about this often in a public way, but I love worshiping with this man.  I feel so blessed to get to stand beside him week in, week out and lead God’s people in worship.  He inspires me to an attitude of worship daily.  Not just on Sundays.  So, this unexpected thing amidst a busy time, was a welcome blessing.

And preparing for a ten day trip coming up next week.  Oh wow.  I hate packing.

So life’s been happening, but I have come across some amazing things that have been super encouraging to me over these last few days.  Here is one from the wonderful people at incourage.

Then, I am always encouraged by this cool mom’s ideas.

Simple Mom's inspiring work at home tips

And finally, a word.  Turning my “waiting room” into a “work room.”  Deciding not to feel stuck in an unpleasant situation by complaining or having a rotten attitude.  But, getting busy being what I need to be until God says, “Wendy, it’s time.”

Happy week to y’all.

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