Getting Real :: Day One


Day One :: Getting Real with Yourself

Welcome!  It’s finally here.  So much preparing and brainstorming goes into this month of writing, I hope you’re ready to hang onto your cute hat! What a ride we will take.

If you saw this post, then you know all about 31 Days, but for you all just tuning in…let’s refresh.

We link up in this incredibly eclectic community of crazy talented people. We write for 31 days on a specific topic.  And this year at Rockin’ What We Got, it’s Getting Real.

We are tickled pink that you’re here and hope you’ll join us for the entire month.  Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing 31 Day-er’s right here.


Let’s dig in!

Getting Real With Yourself

That’s tough.  To get real.  What does that even mean?  Are we even truly honest with ourselves about things when we really do the soul-searching work of it?  To peel back layer after layer of hesitation, uncertainty, pain, hurt, and stigma to truly reveal what is buried at the bottom—all our vulnerabilty.  I believe if we’ve experienced even one hurt feeling in this life, that’s where we start to cover.  To bury.  Burying the truth about ourselves, about who we’re created to be.  Burying truth about what’s real and what’s not.  Burying truth about who gets to say what’s ok and what isn’t.

In order to live a truly real kind of life, we have to start somewhere.  And the best place to begin is with ourselves.  To do the hard work of revealing what truly holds us back from being real and genuine.

That’s what this is, a beginning.  A place to start.  A place to get real.  We’ll do this hard work together.  You aren’t alone.  We didn’t bury ourselves overnight and we won’t truly get real overnight either.  And that’s ok.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow as we look at how best to get real with ourselves, why we bury the truth about ourselves and don’t forget a fun awesome surprise at the end of this 31 day journey.


photoPssst!  Have we officially met?  I’m so glad you’ve come on this 31 day journey and even if you’re just popping in to see what all the fuss is about, let’s get to know each other.  I’m Wendy, a mom of four boys.  We currently homeschool and have lived all over.  I’m humbled a million times over that I get to lead worship with my husband.  I am an imperfect parent, wife and all around girl.  I love Jesus fully but fail Him regularly.

Ours has been a crazy journey full of many up-hill climbs and faith testing seasons.  Our contentment lies in Jesus alone, and our future is in His hands.  We can do nothing and be nothing without a real genuine faith in Him.  We’d rather be real than fake it any day of the week.  So we rock what we got, whatever that looks like, for better or worse.

We love to make our space a safe haven from a harsh world that sets you at ease.  Sometimes we share that here.  We strive for healthy eating habits because we inherited some rough genes and often share those recipes.  We learn sometimes the hard way what works and what doesn’t in parenting four amazing boys.  We are not stingy with those lessons.  We’re glad you’re here and hope we’ll become fast friends.  Enjoy the Ride!

31 Days to Getting Real


Well Hello, and welcome to 31 Days again.

This is the time of year we write every day for 31 days about one topic.  We are graciously hosted by Myquillyn Smith over at The Nesting Place and this growing community of people cover a wide variety of topics.  You will lack for no amount of reading material this October I assure you!  So, kick back in your spare moments of a busy fall and be inspired.

Here at Rockin’ What Ya Got we’ve covered 31 days of Transition which highlighted our cross country move with four children.  Then last year we settled in with Grace Your Space and how it should weave in and out of every area of our lives.  This year, we tackle getting real.


To be real, that is something attainable for everyone, right?  It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or you can’t cook a lick.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-term renter or a homeowner.  You might be an empty nester or have a shoe full of children.  You may knock ‘em dead in the business world or you might rock it at home—or both!  It really doesn’t matter what your interests are, we can all be a little more real.

In this media saturated world we live in, our culture is pretty primed and ready for our manipulation.  We can present ourselves however we want on facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest or within a blog.  But the real us, that’s something only those closest to us might know.  There is an outcry from this present generation to be real.  They are looking for the genuine thing.  And, I’m afraid to say, it’s not easily found pretty much anywhere.

With poignant lyrics, Passenger has put into words the Millennials’ angst: we feel the dull trauma of our hollowness and long for something real. Our Facebook statuses, tweets, and Instagram photos project only the image we care to present. As the generation that has touted authenticity as the ultimate virtue, we have come to embody the vice we most despise: hypocrisy.

The challenge for this 31 days is to inspire each of us—me included (my hand’s raised high and waving over here, can you see me?)to look at four different areas of our life that need some real attention.

Week One :: Get Real With Yourself

Week Two :: Get Real With Your Family

Week Three :: Get Real With Your Faith/Church

Week Four :: Get Real With Each Other

We’re diving in this journey together.  I promise we will take a day in each week and have some fun.  And when it’s all said and done, we have a special get real announcement at the end of this thirty one days.

So glad you’ve come and hope you’ll hang on for the entire ride of getting real!

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