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Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300Well Hello Friday!  You’re back.  I’m back and oh the changes we’ve seen just this summer alone.

A new host for this lovely meeting place and community.

Returning again after a summer’s break.

And many more.

And so fitting a prompt today….CHANGE.

Ready.  Set. Go…



It’s life.  Right?  Change.  We change.  We have children.  They change.



Our world is constantly changing.  And we can feel swept up in the change and whirled about like a hurricane that sweeps us off our feet and leaves us in strange new places.


For so many of us, that can be a new adventure.  For others, it’s our worst nightmare.

Change can mean fear, uncertainty, insecurity.  It can mean feeling left out, alone, unimportant.

In ministry, my husband and I have encountered this attitude toward change so very often.  It’s truly heartbreaking in many ways.  To watch people balk at change and be so afraid of it that it leads to anger, bitterness, resentment and unrelenting stubbornness to inevitable change.

Ah, so how do we live steeped in the cup of grace in a world that is ever changing?

Is it impossible?  To meet change with arms open and grace abounding?

I don’t think it’s impossible.  I think a heart open, embraces change with fewer bumps than fists clenched tightly, holding on with a vice death-grip to the familiar.

He’s gone before us.  He holds our future in His hands.  Keep our hearts open.

For change is life.



Weekend Links are BACK!!!

weekend links

Weekend Links are back in time for Back to School!  And for this weekend’s edition, I picked from some of my favorite bloggers.


And, Happy August!

Nester consistently and creatively inspires us to keep perspective in our lives and spaces.

wherever you are

The Nesting Place


Lisa and her family’s story never ceases to bless and amaze me of the goodness of God’s love.  She shines.  Her jewelry is pretty awesome too!  She’s been busy this summer with some wonderful new pieces and amazing deals.



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heather wolfgang

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Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer How to Live When the Heat is On

photoHeat and Humidity soar.  School is rolling back around again.  And the world turns, tumultuously at best.  But, it’s still turning.

In these days of craziness, bad news and impending doom surround us at every turn.

Anxiety threatens to define us.

Romans talks about how we should live.  We, the just.  Those made right by accepting Christ’s righteousness as a covering for our muck.  The just.

We live by faith.

The just shall live by faith.

That’s a loaded sentence isn’t it? Living by faith.  What does that look like?

For us, it’s taken many shapes and forms this summer.  We’ve left a traditional ministry experience to follow God to the next thing on this journey and it’s stretching.

Sometimes it’s confusing.  Overwhelming.

A posture of the heart, bowed in faith.  Relaxed into His grasp when everything about your flesh tells you to tense up and try harder.  This is what faith has taught us this summer.  To bow our anxious hearts in faith of who God is.

Life is hard.  It’s unfair.  Mean people get away with ugly things every day.  It hurts.  It affects other people.  It’s a fallen world.

But, it’s our world.  Our mission.  Our soul cause until we see Jesus.

How’s your posture? Your heart posture?

Maybe it’s a moment by moment thing.  Living by faith.

Start now.  This moment I trust You.  And the next.  Still trusting.

My God.  He’s Big Enough.  Big enough to walk us through when the heat is on.  Big enough to walk through with you too.

You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity. Yes. 

Philippians 4:19

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