On Birthdays, Giveaways and Ending IT

Have you ever had a birthday sneak up on you?

That is exactly what happened here in blog kingdom.  A friend/reader congratulated me on the birthday of the ole blog and I had completely forgotten.  We’re 3!  Woo HOO!  Who’d have thought we’d get three years in of posting and sharing and living and hopefully encouraging you in the ride!

So for all your patience and good will shared here at Rockin’ What Ya Got, we have a giveaway for you just as a small token of our thanks.

I’m giving away a copy of Jessica Turner’s new book just released last week, The Fringe Hours.Turner_FringeHours_3D_000  And there may be a few of my favorite things tucked in that goodie bag as well like Mrs. Meyer’s or Burt’s Bees…..don’t miss it!  Just two things to do to be entered in the giveaway…like us on Facebook and come back and leave a comment here on the blog.

Also, February 27th is Shine a Light on Slavery day.endit_full_color_white_text-1END_IT_logo_reverse

We are teaming up with the End It Movement to make a lot of noise on the subject of human trafficking in our world. We would love to have your help.  We need 27 folks to give $7 this week to go a long way making a difference in the trafficking epidemic across our cities.  Just click below to sign up and thank you ahead of time for joining us in making a difference!  As an extra plus, each person joining our team will be given an extra entry on the giveaway.  Giveaway will be announced next Monday.

Join my 27X7 team & become a FREEDOM FIGHTER. It all starts with us! Join me! #ENDITMOVEMENT 

The Fringe Hours


“Just because something is a good thing doesn’t mean it is good for this moment in your life.”

- #FringeHours www.fringehours.com/order/

There are good things, and there are the best things.

To every thing there is a season.  As women, our lives take on many seasons.  Single seasons and married seasons. Seasons of sickness and seasons of thriving health and activity.  We may experience seasons of motherhood and empty nesting.  But to every time in our lives, we find ourselves in a season.

It is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by seasons feeling as though they may last forever.  So overwhelmed in fact that you find yourself slipping into survival mode where little, if nothing is enjoyed.  Time is passed but not spent soaking in those things that fill your soul with life and gratitude. 277262_Turner_pins6_000

In Fringe Hours, Jessica shows what it takes to take back time, to breathe and to be a better version of yourself.  It’s a must read for women in whatever stage of life you may find yourself.  You can get a copy today over at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Dayspring.

This book is the perfect format for a small group, a MOPS group or just to work through chapter by chapter on your own.  And an absolute cool thing happening that may just be the thing for you is the book club. You can head over to Bloom at (in)courage and read along with the author herself.  Find out how to request a sponsored copy of the book here.

We are thrilled with Jessica for this great labor of love she has poured into for all of us seeking to use our time wisely and live well.  Please don’t miss The Fringe Hours.  Share it with a friend and take a new look at spending a life well lived on things that matter, and letting go of some things that truly don’t.


“I want to give The Fringe Hours to every woman in my life, because this is the conversation we’re having over and over, at soccer practice and church and crammed between meetings. Jessica’s practical style made me feel like another way is possible.”–Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine


Live the Life

We just got back from the celebration of a life I was so blessed to know.  A very special aunt ended her story on this planet to begin a new chapter in Jesus’ presence.

She was a precious woman.  Human of course, not perfect.  But, full of grace and love.  She was the kind of woman you wanted to be around.

When you talked, she really listened.  She told great stories and fed you her special treats.  Her pickles……yes.  Just that.  She was generous, yet practical.  Her family rose up and called her blessed.  Her absence is our loss but most certainly her gain.

I look at her life of 82 years and I spent some time thinking about it.  She raised three children.  And those three children had seven children between them.  Those children have married and are having their own children.  The lives they touch and the way her life touched theirs marks me in a way I will not soon forget.  The warmth and grace amidst this family is special and one to imitate.

What made her special?

She was a woman just like me.  She cooked and cleaned.  She got sick and tired.  She never wrote a blog post, yet she lived her life like each event was an epic blog post. We will cherish our visits with this woman and the few mementos we have for a long time to come and we will learn from the way she lived so graciously.

The one picture from her life that will ever be etched in my mind….She was throwing a snowball at the picture taker and the look on her face…..Sheer Glee.  It summed up her life, and the legacy I would love to leave to my own family.

A life well lived.  Full of grace and truth….and oh so much glee.


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