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Congratulations!  We hope your enjoy The Fringe Hours plus goodies….thank you for entering and reading Rockin’ What Ya Got!



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I sit down to type this post with tomorrow on my mind.  It happens to be Shine a Light on Slavery Day.  Our family has teamed up with #EndItMovement to help spread the word and make a difference.

Imagine not having the freedom to pop in on a friend and visit if you wanted to, or making those plans for coffee and play dates.  Freedoms we take for granted yet they aren’t a reality for so many people out there.

Imagine if the only visits you received were those meant for harm and personal satisfaction.  Visits that use people as commodities.  Something to cast aside. What a sobering thought.

We are blessed and free.  Blessed to visit outside our comfort zones and places of safety.  Blessed to be the voice that shines a light for those whose choices have been taken away.  Let’s all take a visit to a life outside our own.  Let’s lean forward and light the candle in the dimly lit rooms and dark corners where abuse rules the day and freedom is a distant dream.




On Birthdays, Giveaways and Ending IT

Have you ever had a birthday sneak up on you?

That is exactly what happened here in blog kingdom.  A friend/reader congratulated me on the birthday of the ole blog and I had completely forgotten.  We’re 3!  Woo HOO!  Who’d have thought we’d get three years in of posting and sharing and living and hopefully encouraging you in the ride!

So for all your patience and good will shared here at Rockin’ What Ya Got, we have a giveaway for you just as a small token of our thanks.

I’m giving away a copy of Jessica Turner’s new book just released last week, The Fringe Hours.Turner_FringeHours_3D_000  And there may be a few of my favorite things tucked in that goodie bag as well like Mrs. Meyer’s or Burt’s Bees…..don’t miss it!  Just two things to do to be entered in the giveaway…like us on Facebook and come back and leave a comment here on the blog.

Also, February 27th is Shine a Light on Slavery day.endit_full_color_white_text-1END_IT_logo_reverse

We are teaming up with the End It Movement to make a lot of noise on the subject of human trafficking in our world. We would love to have your help.  We need 27 folks to give $7 this week to go a long way making a difference in the trafficking epidemic across our cities.  Just click below to sign up and thank you ahead of time for joining us in making a difference!  As an extra plus, each person joining our team will be given an extra entry on the giveaway.  Giveaway will be announced next Monday.

Join my 27X7 team & become a FREEDOM FIGHTER. It all starts with us! Join me! #ENDITMOVEMENT 

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